To anyone in the history of ever who has emailed me at work:

My first name is Elizabeth. It says so in my email address, it says so in my email signature. I’d have preferred if my company could have set all these things up under my preferred derivative, but not to worry. Elizabeth is my name, officially, so that ought to be it.

But NO. Every day, someone on this bloody planet will refer to me as Liz apropos of nothing. It drives me FUCKING MENTAL. Even if I reply two or three times, signing off each with my actual name, I will without fail receive a reply addressed to Liz. Sometimes, they will just call me something else entirely different, just to mess with my brain.

As you may have guessed, my preferred derivative is NOT Liz.

This daily constant struggle to get people to usual my proper name drives me apoplectic with rage. Not just because I’m pernickety and pedantic, but because of the simple fact it is JUST RUDE.

It shows that either:

a) you are arrogant enough to ASSUME my name. (RUDE)
b) you are arrogant enough to not read my email properly. (RUDE. I write good emails)
c) you are an idiot.
Please PLEASE for the love of God, could you just sort yourselves out, because you really will drive me to an early grave. Otherwise I will simply refuse to answer any emails address to Liz. She simply doesn’t exist in this here Library.





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2 responses to “A POLITE NOTICE

  1. I cope with my colleagues not knowing my name, even after 15 years, some still call me Lorraine, it is forgetting that I exist that bothers me. When a reader comes in and enthuses over the author visit we are about to have that NO ONE has bothered to email the me (or Lorraine) about, even though I am supposed to attend! I’m sure it is not just a library thing.

  2. It’s frustrating no? Glad to hear it’s not just me!

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