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Film 2011

I try not to make resolutions every new year, because I’m a fickle so and so who can never see a plan through to its conclusion. Making a resolution is setting myself up for failure. However, this year I seem to have informally fallen into a new habit which I very much approve of.


After discovering our mutual love of film, my friend Donna and I decided we should try to abuse our Orange Wednesday privileges to the max and attempt to see a film every week, if we could manage it. And we haven’t done too badly. By my calculations I’ve seen 32 films at the cinema this year, although not all of them with Donna, and with my Lovefilm subscription and bargain deals on FilmFlex I’m probably averaging a film a day, both new and old favourites.

It turns out, rather awesomely, that Donna and I have pretty much the exact same taste in film, so it’s all worked out rather nicely. No pressure on dragging someone to the cinema with you knowing full well they probably won’t enjoy your choice. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Seeing as 2011 is drawing to a close, and it’s the time for end-of year lists, Donna and I are in the middle of writing up our top ten favourites from this year. Strictly speaking, our choices should have a UK release date of 1st January 2011 onwards and we don’t HAVE to have seen them at the cinema. As long as they came out this year, they count.

The only problem is, I’m SHIT at making decisions.


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