This was not THE best start to a week. Particularly after having what was probably one of the best holidays I’ve had in a bloody long time.

Monday saw me return to work, only to find my (poorly) boss had been off sick for a week, leaving the Library empty. That meant arriving on Monday to no less than a FOOT of post to deal with, 300 emails and one VERY irate student member who left me crying at my desk. That’s right. Crying. Crying my big fat face off like a proper chump.

Tuesday saw me almost trip over a dead deer which was SOMEHOW on the pavement outside work, just lying there, all glassy eyed. I’m not usually bothered by dead stuff, but because it didn’t look all mashed up (like roadkill usually does) it left me really glum and depressed and a tiny bit freaked out all day long, fearing I’d trip over it in the dark on my way home.

Luckily some kind soul/demented deer botherer moved it during the day. Didn’t stop me from almost throwing up everytime I stepped on an acorn, mistaking it for a hoof crushing under my not inconsiderable weight.

Today has been monotonous to the extreme that I actually WELCOMED the hordes of directors in the Library for their training session. I even WAVED at them, like some sort of idiot.

My mind is turning to mush after just 3 days back. ARGH.


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