Let’s go to the park. Why? Because it’s THERE

Kids are heartbreaking right?

I had the pleasure of looking after my friend’s kids this weekend, whilst they were over visiting for a very oddly timed barbecue (hello October sunshine). In an attempt to wear them out, a very sweaty trip to park was undertaken (on which I did NOT play on any of the equipment, oh no) before heading back for MEAT.

A little while later, we were cuddled up with the kids, watching a film and the subject of dogs came up.

My flatmate used to have a dog – a big soppy old rottie called Holly. She was fabulous. Technically, she belonged to her ex-boyfriend, but he’d left her behind with Caz, to shack up with a newly pregnant girlfriend (He’s a charming fellow). When Caz came to move in with me, we couldn’t bring Holly with us, as the Landlord so decreed. The new girlfriend didn’t want the dog anywhere near the new baby, so poor Holly was in need of a new home. After several heated discussions (which I won’t go into here, for fear of haemorraging) Holly was re-homed. Happily, with a family, with all the fuss she bloody well deserved.

So, after our canine visitor joins the throng of babysitters and kids on the sofa, one of our more softly spoken visitors pipes up, apropos of nothing.

Boy: “It’s sad that you had to give Holly up”

Caz: “I know sweetie, but she’s happy now! She got a whole family to fuss over her, play with her and feed her.”

Boy: [pause] “I know, but she was happy with you too.”

Cue a couple of very stiff upper lips and very wobbly bottom ones.

Kids. Saying things adults can’t bring themselves to say since the dawn of time.



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2 responses to “Let’s go to the park. Why? Because it’s THERE

  1. This is absolutely the truth. Kids have no shame and say things with total honesty and conviction. It might be th most beautiful thing about them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it really is my favourite thing about kids. No bullshit whatsoever 🙂

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