I wish I had Paul Newman’s eyes.

I do moan a lot, it’s true. One thing I’ve not really seen fit to whinge about recently is being single. I’m relatively happy with the situation – after breaking up with the ex, this is the longest period of singledom I’ve had since  I was about 15. It’s been a long time coming and it’s absolutely welcomed.

But I still do have pangs of wanting to be in a relationship. After stumbling across these photos of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward on Snippet & Ink this afternoon, I thought my silly brain would throw me into a massive tailspin of OMIGODIMGOINGTODIEALONE. But they didn’t. They just made me


As a couple they just ooze silliness and fun and joy…

… and the glances between them do not betray anything other than being completely in love with one another.

There are more utterly gorgeous photos over on Snippet & Ink. Go and brighten your day a little with a bucketful of happy.



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