Why I love Horrible Histories – by me age 24 3/4

1) Without a doubt, it is silly, very very silly.

2) There are jokes about wee and poo and sick and gross things which adults are not supposed to laugh at but secretly wish were on TV more.

3) Several of the cast are more than perfectly pleasant to look at.

4) The writing is simply superb. Clever, witty and informative without ever patronising any of its audience. Especially since it’s garnered quite a cult following above and beyond it’s demographic.

5) Following on from 4) it features some of the greatest advert parodies – see the Victorian Shouty Man (Barry Scott Cillit Bang style) and Henry VIII’s Diet plan. (“Vegetables are FOR PEASANTS”)

6) The songs. Oh the songs.

7) While I’m being so indulgent with links, these two videos made me at least partially interested in Georgian England, which is tough by anyone’s standards.

8 ) I’m terribly jealous of the cast getting to have quite so much fun at work.

9) As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve never grown-up. The is the perfect show for me.

10) It is easily the best sketch show on telly for bloody yonks. That’s right. The best. I will not hear one bad word against it. If I do, I will judge you for all of time.



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