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An ode to Tea

Cup of beige goodness
Warms me from the inside out
Makes my day better.

China cups are nice
But I prefer mine in mugs
The size of buckets.

On your own is fine
But with friends means you won’t eat
All of the biscuits.

As good as a hug
Always there in times of need
Tea, you complete me.


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I wish I had Paul Newman’s eyes.

I do moan a lot, it’s true. One thing I’ve not really seen fit to whinge about recently is being single. I’m relatively happy with the situation – after breaking up with the ex, this is the longest period of singledom I’ve had since  I was about 15. It’s been a long time coming and it’s absolutely welcomed.

But I still do have pangs of wanting to be in a relationship. After stumbling across these photos of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward on Snippet & Ink this afternoon, I thought my silly brain would throw me into a massive tailspin of OMIGODIMGOINGTODIEALONE. But they didn’t. They just made me


As a couple they just ooze silliness and fun and joy…

… and the glances between them do not betray anything other than being completely in love with one another.

There are more utterly gorgeous photos over on Snippet & Ink. Go and brighten your day a little with a bucketful of happy.


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Why I love Horrible Histories – by me age 24 3/4

1) Without a doubt, it is silly, very very silly.

2) There are jokes about wee and poo and sick and gross things which adults are not supposed to laugh at but secretly wish were on TV more.

3) Several of the cast are more than perfectly pleasant to look at.

4) The writing is simply superb. Clever, witty and informative without ever patronising any of its audience. Especially since it’s garnered quite a cult following above and beyond it’s demographic.

5) Following on from 4) it features some of the greatest advert parodies – see the Victorian Shouty Man (Barry Scott Cillit Bang style) and Henry VIII’s Diet plan. (“Vegetables are FOR PEASANTS”)

6) The songs. Oh the songs.

7) While I’m being so indulgent with links, these two videos made me at least partially interested in Georgian England, which is tough by anyone’s standards.

8 ) I’m terribly jealous of the cast getting to have quite so much fun at work.

9) As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve never grown-up. The is the perfect show for me.

10) It is easily the best sketch show on telly for bloody yonks. That’s right. The best. I will not hear one bad word against it. If I do, I will judge you for all of time.


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I hate money.

Rather annoyingly, I’m in one of those moods where I really would quite like to spend all of my money. Money that I don’t have and really ought to be keeping hold of my until birthday trip at the end of October.

But this is lovely:

And these are very pretty:

 I clearly need some beauty in my life:

And this is really very important now it’s getting colder…:

… and the nights are drawing in:

Alas, I remain a poor and almost penniless scamp, living vicariously through lifestyle blogs and buying myself bargainous treats from Wilkinson – the GREATEST shop of all time ©. FACT.

There’s nothing stopping me buying myself a TINY little treat is there?


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I never had a clue

No-one told me when I was a kid that there isn’t an actual point when you become a grown-up. No sudden transformation when you just ‘get’ it, no ceremonial induction into the hallowed world of Adulthood. Instead, we muddle through our teenage years and suddenly find ourselves in a job, paying bills and taxes.  We are obligated to deal with all manner of responsibilites despite being woefully underprepared.

I still don’t see myself as any different to when I was 19. I still have the same hang-ups, insecurities and faults as I did then. I’m probably a little better at coping with them now, but I still feel like I’m floundering around, not having a clue. I don’t expect this will ever change.

It’s not as if I feel like this everyday. I mean, most days I’m busy shouting at idiots who can’t use a Library, fuming at idiots on my bus and being an idiot at home. It’s only when big life events start happening that I get a funny jolt. This year has seen one of my best friends get engaged and the other have a baby. Very early this morning the very lovely Abby and Tony (who got married last year) welcomed the gorgeous little Willow into the world. I’m incredibly excited to meet her!

But when all these big important adult things happen, I’m only reminded of precisely how I’m not really an adult. I certainly don’t feel like one. I probably never will feel like one. I’m an imposter in the land of relationships, mortgages, reproducing and careers. I’m certain I’m going to be found out. Until then, I can only continue to muddle on in my unique cack-handed fashion, in the vain hope that I’ll someday get to participate in one of these big important adult things of my own.

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