Stab Happy

I saw this today and it made me laugh.

I’m not going to launch into a debate about how this should be implemented – I can briefly sum up my response with “That sounds about right” but my problem with any story or development like this is as follows:

Britain is full of idiots.

There are idiots everywhere these days and quite frankly, I don’t trust them to implement this freedom properly. Bloody idiots.

Basically, this whole article reminded me of an massive argument I instigated with my ex. Which in turn reminds me of why I studied Philosophy in the first place. Essentially, the then-boyfriend claimed he would literally (and I DO mean literally) kill anyone who burgled his house.

As I generally love to stir things up a bit (with people I know, I’m a total fence-sitter with strangers “but they MIGHT JUDGE ME on my views”) I put forward the point that breaking and entering/theft were a lesser crime than full-on stabby murder and that perhaps he might be overreacting somewhat. Just to stir it up a bit more, I put it to him that he was actually the worst human being in the scenario because he committed that heinous crime. It all spun from the fact I was pretty horrified that my (generally speaking) ultra-liberal political ally had come out with a pretty conservative standpoint. I agreed on defending your property up to a point – if someone died as a result of your intervention then the law should protect you – but he was full-on up for a bit of pre-meditated killing.

Needless to say, the argument was pretty fruitless. Hours of cul-de-sac arguing with no-one getting anywhere and everyone getting irritable. Bloody hell, that’s fun.

I think I miss him a bit.



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