A mile and a half on a bus takes a long time.


I finally went ahead and booked some driving lessons.

This fills me with a fear unlike any fear I have ever known. But First Buses in Berkshire fill me with an anger like no other, so essentially I am swapping one extreme emotion for another.

What makes matters worse is that the instructor I spoke to sounded really lovely and I’m fully aware of my predisposition for developing hugely inappropriate crushes on men who are obliged to be nice to me. Let’s see how nice he is to me once he’s heard me shriek at the car everytime I magically make it move. It won’t last.

The last driving lesson I had was from my friend Adam, in Tesco’s car park. I panicked everytime I made the car move. That was a tad daft seeing as I’m pretty SURE that’s the point of driving.

I’ll report back on this. Hopefully with no deaths by dangerous driving and only SUCCESS.

(Oh holy fuck…)


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