You heard the birds sing, everything will be fine.

In a rather pathetic turn of events, it appears this week I will be mostly craving affection.

The main cause of this was a visit to Godstone Farm with my adventure partner Hayley and dutiful chauffeur and fellow adventurer Scott. A glorious 4 hours were spent in the sunshine cuddling all manner of baby creatures which reinvigorated not just my biological predisposition for broodiness but the also slammed home the very fact I would actually quite like a cuddle.

Just look!

So small! So fluffy!

So small! So fluffy!

And repeat. Lots.

And yes, those really are my intensely chubby baby hands. Little bit of boob action there as well.

So back to the point. All the animal cuddling had got me feeling a little bit sorry for myself. Suppressing the feeling of “It really would be quite nice to have someone to snuggle up to” is beginning to get harder as my fear of having to deal with another human again lessens.

But you know me, for a cynic I’m quite good at the seeing the positives in any given situation. I might be feeling a little blue about being single, but at least I didn’t get E.Coli eh?


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