Everyday I’m stuck in an office…

A welcome return for the Belle and Seb title there. Still no compulsion to crack out Tigermilk; my willpower continues unchallenged. It’s a shame I can’t seem to apply that determination to my never-ending battle to look less like a manatee. But there we go.

So. Today is my 2 year anniversary at work. It’s a pleasant feeling in some respects. After my brief spell on the dole (in CROYDON of all places) it’s been good to be a fully fledged member of society. I’ve been learning a skill, paying taxes and generally being a functioning human being. These are all good things.

In those two years, not much has happened workwise. We’ve been plodding along purposefully, but slowly. On the other hand, in the same two years my personal life has totally been shaken up in more ways than I’d have thought.

  • I move back to Reading, living with Nicola, Lucy et al for a couple of months until I have enough dosh to rent somewhere myself.
  • Struggle to find anywhere unfurnished in Reading, decide to rent a room in Bracknell with favourable and unpleasant consequences.
  • Reignited relationship with ex-boyfriend goes swimmingly well. I remain nervous and sceptical of this for some time.
  • Poor choice in house location becomes apparent. I’m close to work, but far from my friends – dramatically impacts on social life. Come very close to alienating one and all.
  • Become a teaching widow while the boy completes NQT year. Even now the mention of OFSTED makes my arse clench with righteous anger. Resolve to never become a teacher. Ever.
  • Make excellent friends in my landlords, who go on to get engaged, I get happily drunk and dance with kilted men at their wedding. Now eagerly awaiting their offspring.
  • Scepticism proves fruitful, smooth drama over and pretend it didn’t happen.
  • Trips to Scotland, Ireland and various POI make up for dwindling social life.
  • Lose 10lb, put on 2 stone. Lost 3 stone, put on 2 stone.
  • Get back in contact with Caz – decide to move in together.
  • The inevitable happens and the ex-ex-boyfriend becomes an ex once more. I burn with anger at this for quite some time.
  • Now cannot bare living in Bracknell. Plans to move are brought forward and I get the hell out of there. Move into amazing 3 bed house in Reading and become a new woman.
  • Get fatter.
  • Get happier.
  • Discover ex is dating a fellow teacher. I’m pleased to the extent my gut instinct is proved right once again. Pity the predictability of it all.
  • Develop a blossoming social life without the fear of relationship related guilt hanging over me. Holidays, adventures, day-trips etc are plentiful.
  • Bailiff drama happens. Not my drama, but drama nonetheless.
  • Briefly gain a new housemate. She’s sorely missed.
  • Longstanding friendship takes a massive knock. No sign of it recovering.
  • Make a bit of a fool of myself in front of a boy.
  • Get given exciting news that I’m not allowed to tell anyone at all.
  • One of my best friends has a baby and i very much want to steal her for cuddling purposes.

It’s been a busy 24 months.


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