Breakfast Countdown – No. 2

2) Crete (2010)

It’s widely known amongst those who know me that I am a yogurt fiend. In fact, previous blog posts regarding breakfast are testament to this very fact. I like it in all forms, except mega cheap horrible supermarket ones. Yogurt is one of the few things I will be snobby about when shopping.

Then I went to Crete.

I nearly died with pleasure.

Greek yogurt is glorious at the best of times, but eating it on a Greek Island was divine. So thick you could stand (several) spoons in it and drizzled with honey, it was a thing of wonder. I’d force myself up for breakfast everyday, even AFTER the most horrific hangover, just to polish off several bowls. There were also huge chunks of watermelon to be devoured and a variety of exciting toppings, but nothing held a torch to the honey. I don’t ever get boned up about honey.

Oh fuck I love yogurt.


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