Breakfast Countdown – No. 3

3) Berlin (2008) – St. Patrick’s Day

A brief trip to Germany’s capital with Alex resulted in a whole multitude of ridiculous anecdotes and the consumption of a bloody delicious and stupidly cheap breakfast at our really brilliant hostel.

It was a continental style affair, with all of the usual suspects up for inhalation – although not on the same scale as No.5 in my countdown. The little pastries they had were bloody beautiful and the actual vats of yogurt on display were enough to send me into diary related convulsions of joy. The best part of all, this mammoth grazing session set us back €2. TWO SHITTING EUROS. At the time, that was a little over a quid, which suited us penniless students fine.

While we were at it, we employed that scabby student method of sneaking some bread rolls and cheese back up to our room for our day full of adventures. We were skint, so it was handy saving some money where we could. Our scavenging ways seemed vindicated that night as we blew a load of money on a taxi across the city escaping from a Canadian’s bedsit.

The last of our dosh went on seeing this little dude.

He was handsome. Though not as excellent as infinite pastries.


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