Breakfast Countdown – No. 4

4) My 20th Birthday – Student House

Having lived together for a few months, the girls I lived with new precisely how much I bloody loved breakfast; so along with a couple of our other friends, they arranged a big old birthday breakfast for me to celebrate my 20th.

Except, I managed to ruin it by waking up earlier than everyone else, after we’d been out on the lash the night before to celebrate.

I woke up really early for a post-booze piss to find Sam busying himself in our kitchen, unpacking bagels and other such treats. I got shouted at a bit and banished back to bed. When I was eventually allowed out of my room, I came downstairs to find a veritable treasure trove of presents waiting for me, along with buckets of yogurt and juice, fruit, baked goods and tea on the boil.

My housemates slowly emerged from their rooms at the smell of toast and the present opening and breakfast munching began.

Not only was everything utterly delicious, I was really really touched by how sweet a gesture it was, even if my pesky bladder got in the way.


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