Bored out of my mind, too sick to even care.

My philosophising on the arrival of my friend’s new baby has yet to inspire me into making any changes to my actual life.


Nothing in my life is fulfilling me in the slightest but I’m so sodding lazy that I’m failing to drum up the motivation to sort it out. So I will resort to the tried and tested method of recent times – moan about it on the internet.

Anyway, drumming up motivation would involve effort and I just can’t commit that sort of energy to anything right now, you know?

I have very busy evenings mainly filled with American Sitcom repeats, casual gossip with housemate and light alcoholism. My weekends are usually spent enjoying my bed (alone) and drinking (alone). I sometimes venture back to London to the loving bosom of my family, where I overeat, listen to everyone else’s problems and drink too much. So, as you can see, that doesn’t leave an awful lot of room for the gym, guitar practice, painting, joining some sort of club, dating, expanding my social circles and leaving my house.

I mean, I’m not superwoman am I?


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