Are you happy with yourself?

2010 was just a stupid year. It really was. It began with hugely painful break-up of a relationship that only I was invested in and ended with various members of my family hospitalised for both trivial and life-threatening maladies. Argh.

I’ll concede that some lovely things did happen; post-break up adventures with friends I’d been guilty of neglecting, moving into my own place, weddings, more adventures in Crete, a birthday week of happiness and repeat visits to Scotland (always a winner in my book).

Other than that, I was of the opinion that 2010 and all the crap it brought could go fuck itself. Up until the day I took this photo:

My former landlords and now very lovely friends got married right at the beginning of August, during the summer I was utterly dreading. I spent a couple of days up in the Lakes for the occasion and it was just fabulous; the wedding, the ceilidh, the surroundings and the company. I sat in the grounds after the ceremony and had an overwhelming sensation that despite how awful things had been up until that point, everything would be okay. Everything was fine. If it wasn’t fine, I could just strap on a pair and make it fine.

2011 has had a much more positive start and for the first time in a while, I’m pretty content. Itching for adventure, but good. Happy almost. I stumbled across this photo this morning and the subsequent glow of happy has kept me cheerful all day. I don’t imagine it will last, I have a commute through Bracknell to look forward to after all.


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